Perplex Domes

We offer a bespoke perplex dome framing option for boxing gloves, goalie gloves and football boots etc.  This ensures that the framed items are aesthetically pleasing at the same time as being provided with the protection which they need. The domed shape of the frame means that no damage is done to the item upon the framing process it encounters no squashing or damage in any way.

Box Frames

Our box frames are a perfect way to protect or present your piece pair of boxing shorts or your sports jersey! Just like the previously framing methods mentioned the items come enclosed in a frame with a glass front, this makes it exceptionally easy to get a nice looking, well protected display at the same time of enabling the item to have a more standout appeal. Featured on the plaque at the bottom of the frame are the sports stars full name and then any famous nicknames or aliases, this is displayed using embezzled black text on a shiny gold and silver metal plate.

Framed Sports Shirts

We offer an exceptional shirt framing process which is always performed to the highest possible standard. This is to ensure that an aesthetically pleasing professional product is created every time. Featured in the thick frame is the shirt which is signed in a very visible and notable style, it is hovering over some of the best related images of the shirt being worn by the sports star or stars.

Framed Images

We offer bespoke framing with many different types of varieties. Whether it’s one or more images or different coloured mounts to match the choice is yours!

Display Cases

We offer a large range of display cases which are built to allow you to display your sports items in style. They work perfectly with football boots, boxing gloves, football and rugby balls, allowing you to keep them on show instead of hiding them away.